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Why is My Shower Water Pressure Suddenly High? (Fixed)

Sometimes, high water pressure might be tempting in the summer. It could be relaxing and give much satisfaction while taking a shower. But anything excessive is not good. If you are facing a sudden high pressure in your shower, this could be a problem in most cases.

So, thinking, “Why is my shower water pressure suddenly high?” There could be several reasons. A faulty water pressure regulator, a high-pressure supply from the municipality, low flow shower head restrictor misalignment, trapped air in the water pipe, water hammer, etc., could be the primary reasons.

Generally, the residential water supply system is designed with 40 to 60 PSI. In some cases, it might go to 80 PSI. But, when it exceeds 80, your water system needs diagnosis and fixing. Otherwise, the household water system could be affected by different damaging levels.

Why is My Shower Water Pressure Suddenly High?

why is my shower water pressure suddenly high

As we mentioned before, there are several reasons you might experience high pressure in your shower. Even the entire water system might be affected. Some of the most common ones include:

High-Pressure Supply

If you are in an area like Colorado, with plenty of hills, you might experience high water pressure in your water supply system. Also, high water pressure is common if your residence is near fire hydrants or you live in a high-rise building.

It is because the municipality has to ensure proper water supply to high hills, high-rise buildings, or hydrants by setting high pressure initially.

A Faulty Pressure Regulator

As you see, the municipality sets high water pressure for hill areas; a water pressure regulator is generally installed in the main water line. The pressure regulator keeps the water pressure in the expected range. High water pressure will happen if the pressure regulator gets damaged or faulty.

Misaligned Low Flow Restrictor

Inside your shower head is something like a washer. A reason could be your shower got high-pressure water because the washer could have been misplaced or misaligned.

Water Hammer in Water System

Actually, a water hammer is a phenomenon; it’s not a physical object. It happens when there is additional pressure in the water piping, which could happen due to the water control system.

Sometimes, a fast-closing shutoff valve stops the water in the water pipe system. Sometimes, the closing valve is used to change the water direction. As a result, a high-pressure shockwave is created inside the water pipeline. Ultimately, the water hammer phenomenon might occur and create high water pressure.

Trapped Air in Water System

The water supply system might be caught up with trapped air inside it due to a maintenance fault. Cutting the pipes and fitting them might allow air to enter the pipe.

When you open your shower, this might create pressure to get outside from the water system. This time, it might also occur in high-pressure water.

What Are the Consequences of High-Pressure Water in Your Shower/Water System?

As I mentioned, a high-pressure shower might be fun in rare cases. But, most of the time, it harms your entire water system and other appliances.

High Water Pressure Is Damaging to Water Pipes

Water is always a strong object when it creates pressure. A huge load and water pressure harm your water pipes as it continuously pushes and shocks them. So, you must take action as soon as you diagnose the problem.

Water Pressure Is Harmful to Appliances

You have just installed all sanitary appliances like faucets, washing machines, shower headers, toilet flashers, and so on. All these are damaging-prone when they face huge water pressure.

Huge water pressure lessens the lifespan of such appliances.

Water Heater Might Get Damaged (Danger!)

With consistent water pressure, the water heater could be damaged. If such a thing happens, it could be dangerous for safety. I can’t think about a water heater blast!

So, take the necessary steps as soon as possible when you

How to Fix the High-Pressure Water Problem?

When it comes to fixing the high pressure of your shower water, different problems have different solutions. Here you have to go with the probable solutions that should work for you.

Fixing the Water Regulator

If you experience a huge water load due to the high pressure supplied by the municipality or the water regulator has issues, you have to fix it. This might need a little adjustment. In this case, if you can diagnose the problem and are able to fix it, do it.

On the other hand, if the problem is major and it needs professional treatment, just call for a professional plumber.

Fixing the Misaligned Low Flow Restrictor

Open the shower head, and you will find something or a washer displaced inside it. First, soak the shower header in vinegar for 1 or 2 hours. It will go if the displacement happens due to any object held by the header.

Place or align the washer or whatever inside, and screw up the header tight enough. This method must work for this particular issue if there is no damage.

Fixing the Water Hammer Issue

Water hammers might cause serious damage to your plumbing system. So, you have to take the necessary steps ASAP.

  • The most basic way is to open all of your home’s faucets. Consider the biggest one first. This will evacuate all water from your water tank, pipes, and the water hammer. After evacuating, refill the water tank again. By the way, keep all faucets closed this time.
  • Aside from this, if the pipes are loose, and water hammer occurs due to loose pipes, tighten them properly.
  • The last resort is a water hammer arrestor when all other options fail. You may employ a water hammer arrestor, which resembles a pipe packed with air. The air-filled pipe reduces the water hammer effect by compressing the air inside the water pipe system.

Note: You can follow the same procedures for fixing the trapped air issue in your water pipe system.

How to Measure the Water Pressure of Your Water System?

Taking the water pressure reading is a simple and straightforward process. A water pressure gauge is all that is required. You only need to buy one and then connect it to the water faucet on the outside of your building.

Check the reading on the gauge. If the pressure is lower than 60 PSI, everything should be OK. By the way, there are instances when it goes a little bit higher than sixty. Check out the video here if you’re not sure what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some most commonly asked questions on the topic.

1. Is 90 PSI water pressure too high?

Yes, it’s almost too high pressure for the residential water system. The residential water system is basically designed for up to 60 PSI. So, if it exceeds, you should take necessary action. By the way, sometimes, up to 80 is ok.

How frequently should you check the pressure in your home’s water system?

The optimal frequency is twice each year. However, you must inspect the water system if you detect an unpleasant event.

Final Note

Several causes might be responsible for the question, “Why is my shower water pressure suddenly high?” High-rise buildings, high-pressure supply, faulty regulator, whatever it could be.

Some are fixable by you, and some need proper treatment by a professional plumber. But I would suggest seeking professional help in any case. This might help you to avoid any hazard that you might mistakenly cause.