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We spent a lot of days just thinking about creating House Owners Guide Blog. After all, we are a group of people who are related to both industries.

Why we started this website

We deal with home repair and renovation on a daily basis. And it is clear that there are a lot of things that are not available online. Most of those are problems that you can solve without spending a penny on professionals.

How we review products

The best part is that we go through many home repair and renovation products. We have our own researcher who tests and sorts the products. They test the products under various conditions to give you an optimized solution. Moreover, there are some plumbing and toilet items that you will never want to trial and error yourself. So, a big kudos to those guys.

On top of that, we also try to entail customer reviews and opinions. The goal is to make the spectrum as large as possible to find out the problems and their solutions.

After our professionals are done with their research, we try our best to give you content that makes things easy for you. There is no technical jargon. You have everything that an average American can ask for.

Our commitment

We will try our best to give you the full value you deserve. We will not just guide you to professional services. There will be solutions that you can do yourselves. There will be products that you won’t have to return. And everything will be made easy for the researcher.