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Why Does It Sound Like Water Is Constantly Running?

It feels quite irritating when any noise hits. But it hits even more when the noise comes from running water. After a hectic day, it is really hard to tolerate this kind of sound pollution and such types of plumbing issues.

Sometimes you must be wondering why does it sound like water is constantly running? Well, this sort of noise occurs due to weather, clogs, loose fittings, and so on. However, there are simple ways to avoid this catastrophe easily and can be achieved by fixing water hammering and loose piping.

In this article, we will talk about the different reasons for water noises coming from a pipe and show you how to prevent them. Furthermore, find out if these reasons are worth worrying about or are any major concerns.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Why Does It Sound Like Water Is Constantly Running?

Sound Like Water Is Constantly Running

Most of the time, we can feel that water is constantly running because of the improper adjustment of the float height of the water or toilet tanks, leaky flapper, and a lengthy refill tub. If we cope with these things and readjust these issues, we will no longer hear a running water noise.

Improper Adjustment Of The Float

The water level and flow are controlled by a float within the toilet tank. However, water will stream through the pipes if the floats are not in their original position, and you will hear continual noises. The float both fills the tank and prevents it from overflowing.

Nevertheless, the float may become worn out or destroyed after many years of usage. As a result, it will be impossible to halt the flow of water, thus creating the neverending noise of the water flowing through.

Leaky Flapper

A leaking flap is among the most common reasons for toilets that run or leak. The purpose of a toilet flap is to keep the toilet flushing valve closed. However, it will no longer be able to control the discharged flow of water in the toilet bowl if it becomes broken.

Lengthy Refill Tub

Lastly, the toilet’s extended refill tube can be another cause of flowing toilet water noises. The tube links the overflow tube to the toilet tank’s fill valve. It can’t even stop the plug hole from overflowing if it’s left too long, so you’ll hear water pouring through the pipes but still no leak.

Moreover, if we look at our home’s plumbing system, we can notice that we are not bothered until we face any difficulties regarding constant water running. So, if we notice these things while the work is ongoing or done, we may not face such difficulties as loud running water sounds.

How To Stop The Water Running Noise?

For any water running sound, you can easily fix it on your own while following some simple procedures. Let’s discuss in detail below :

How to Stop Water  Hammering:

Whenever the tap is switched on, the liquid in the tube rushes to the maximum speed and force possible. When it’s turned off, the flow of water comes to a screeching end, and the energy dissipates.

Water pounding can develop over time, and we can resolve the problem by turning off the water supply valves, switching on all taps, and emptying all the water lines and tanks. The air will then be forced into the risers, which are meant to avoid water pounding when the water is filled again later.

Solution of Loose Piping

The sounds might potentially be created by the house’s loud plumbing. It is said that water travels quickly in a high volume, causing sway and rattling effects in pipes. It may collide with the walls, making a loud noise, which may break the pipes, resulting in leaks. To fix it, we can safeguard the tubes by guaranteeing that they move very little.

Replacing the Worn Out Washers

There is a type of tap or valve used in whistle pipes. The source of the screeching in the valve is the direct connection between the taps. If the washers make a screeching sound while water is running, we may quickly shut off all the valves and inspect the washer, replacing them if required.

If it doesn’t stop, we will have to turn off the electricity and fix the faucet.

Fis Faulty Shut Off Valve

If the noise isn’t getting any better after making sure the worn-out washers, loose pipes, and water pounding are all under control, then this technique could assist. You just need to turn off the primary shut-off valve that runs through the streets and then fix the main house valve in this operation.

Replace Worn Out Ballcock

Worn-out ballcock assembly controls the filling process of our toilets. Even though it can be repaired, to completely eradicate the noise effect, we suggest you just replace it.

Do You Need To Be Concern About The Constant Water Running Sound?

Could it be safe, even though the incessant running water noises reach a point where your ears begin to disregard the sounds instinctively? The first thing you should know is that repeated sounds have no effect on your ear and are most likely not a cause for concern.

On the other hand, when it comes to the house, you need to be concerned about the sound of water running because it may lead to huge problems and difficulties. Such as it can cause damage to our house or toilets, can cause water loss, increase cost, etc.

To begin with, it has the potential to cause water loss across the entire home system. The likelihood of water leakage and clogging difficulties will start to develop every day as the pipes have a risk of leaking flappers and faulty adjustments.

However, using a water movement indicator to evaluate the direction and velocity of water flow to identify the issue is a smart idea.

Nonetheless, the second issue raised by the water loss is the exponential increase in the water bill. The majority of the water will be running through somewhere you don’t know about and don’t want to utilize while you sleep. As a result, you will have a water shortage, and the figure on your water bill will be out of your control.

So, if we hear any kind of water running sound, we should be very cautious from the beginning and call an expert plumber and solve the issue otherwise, massive damage may occur.


The most annoying thing is to hear water running at night as the environment is completely silent. The only sound you can hear except your clock ticking is the water running sound which is even louder than your clock.

Nevertheless, emptying all the water in the house while also making sure that your main water valve should be the first two things you should check.  They are the most common solutions for you to stop saying why does it sound like water is constantly running.

Ignoring the problem is not the solution. If you can’t do it yourself, call a plumber.