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Hot Water Pressure Low But Cold Fine In Kitchen Sink – Causes And Solutions

Different water pressures for cold and hot water in the kitchen sink are common problems. Usually, we use the kitchen sink for almost all kinds of culinary washing. So, if the water pressure in the kitchen sink is unstable, it is normal to feel frustrated.

Now, why hot water pressure low but cold fine in the kitchen sink? We use the kitchen sink a lot. As a result, the water supply system of the sink becomes easily damaged. This is the main cause behind the low hot water pressure of the sink.

We aim to discuss the reasons why the hot water pressure is low but cold in the kitchen sink. We will also emphasize the solutions to this problem. So, let’s read forward.

hot water pressure low but cold fine in kitchen sink

Hot Water Pressure Low But Cold Fine in Kitchen Sink (Causes)

There are plenty of culprits behind the low hot water pressure of the kitchen sink.

However, the first one is our own mistake. Sometimes we turn the valve for hot water into a lower flow and forget to turn it back into a normal flow. So, at first, check the hot water valve.

If the problem exists even after turning the valve to normal flow, the following could be some possible reasons:

1. Blocked Aerator

An aerator is a mashed part that controls the water flow. Usually, it is attached to the end of a tap. If it gets clogged, the hot water flow would be hindered. Some reasons for the blocked aerator are:

  • Mineral Deposits
  • Sediment or Debris
  • Hard Water
  • Corrosion

2. Jammed Cartridge

A cartridge is a plumbing component that controls the temperature and water flow. If the cartridge of the hot water line got blocked, the water flow would be low. Though generally it does not get jammed, however, the reasons for this are:

  • Rust
  • Overuse
  • Poor water quality

3. Leakage in Pipe

A hot water pipe carries the hot water from a heater or boiler. Low hot water pressure can be detected if the hot water supply pipe got damaged or leaked. This could happen because of:

  • Pipe Corrosion
  • Damage or Wear
  • High Water Pressure
  • Joint Issues
  • Freezing

4. Damaged or Problematic Water Heater

A water heater heats and stores hot water. It also supplies hot water to the kitchen sink. So, a damaged or problematic water heater could cause low hot water pressure, and the reasons are:

5. Faulty Plumbing System

If the plumbing system of your house is defective or malfunctioning, it will surely affect the water pressure. It could make the pressure regulator fall. Hence, it would contribute to the low hot water pressure.

How to Fix Hot Water Pressure Low But Cold Fine In the Kitchen Sink?

After determining the source of the low hot water pressure, you must address it using the following methods:

1. Aerator Unclogging Procedure

Carefully follow the instructions below to fix your clogged aerator:

Step 1: Turn off the primary water supply.

Step 2: Now, remove the aerator from the faucet. Rotate it counterclockwise to see if you can get rid of it.

Step 3: Use a soft, damp cloth or a soft brush to scrub the inside of the aerator.

Step 4: After giving it a thorough cleaning, put it in a box of white vinegar. An overnight soak is recommended.

Step 5: Take it out of the vinegar the following day and gently wash it in warm water.

Finally, replace it on the faucet.

2. Dealing With A Jammed Cartridge

Step 1: Turn off the water supply to the kitchen sink.

Step 2: Take the cap of the handle out using a screwdriver.

Step 3: You will see some attached nuts. Take them out using a wrench.

Step 4:  With Pliers, take out all the clips.

Step 5: Take the cartridge out and soak it in vinegar.

Step 6: After one night, take it out of the vinegar and rinse it with normal water.

3. Repairing A Pipe Leak

Discover the leaky pipe first. The water must then be turned off while you wait for the issue to be resolved.

Use pipe clamps, rubber patches, epoxy putty, or other sealants to stop leaks temporarily if they are tiny.

To design a reliable remedy, you must speak with a specialist.

How to Fix A Water Heater Problem?

The most common reason for poor hot water pressure but fine cold water pressure in the kitchen sink is sediment buildup in water heaters. To remove the sediment, you must flush the heater. If the issue persists, you might also think about purchasing a new heater.

Additionally, there are a few warmer substitutes. A heat pump, solar heater, or tankless water heater can all take the place of your old heater. You must maintain the old one properly if you truly want to continue with it.

Fixing a Faulty Plumbing System

Repairing a faulty plumbing system is challenging. It can be the result of a misplaced screw, a misaligned pipe, or a defective component. You must first stop the water supply if this happens. Because the water pressure can make things worse.

Make contact with a nearby plumber and thoroughly describe the issue to him. Never attempt to fix a misaligned or broken issue on your own. You can even bring about the system’s complete failure rather than repairing it. As a result, you will have to wait for the plumber to fix it.

Let’s watch a YouTube video to see the process in action as well:


Let’s have a look into some of the most frequently asked questions regarding low hot water pressure.

Q: Can my system filter reduce the pressure of the hot water?

It can, really. All of the dust and other particles are collected by the filter. As a result, it would eventually clog and lower the hot water pressure in the kitchen sink.

Q: Why is my hot water pressure low only in my kitchen?

A clogged aerator or a blocked cartridge are the most frequent reasons for low water pressure in a kitchen sink.

Q: What is the typical lifespan of a tankless water heater?

A tankless water heater will often endure for twenty years or more. They are slightly more expensive than a traditional water heater. They are, nevertheless, more energy-efficient and last far longer than regular ones.

Final Words

We use the kitchen sink for everything from rinsing our vegetables to washing dirty dishes. So, excessive use can cause hot water pressure low but cold fine in the kitchen sink. Also, some other factors that we discussed could be the culprits behind it.

However, you know what to do in this situation. So, hopefully, you won’t be afraid while facing the low hot water pressure. Instead, find out the problem and resolve it quickly.