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R10000-UNBXHF Vs R10000-UNBX: Everything You Need To Know

Delta is one of the most popular brands that make excellent shower valves and other accessories. The R10000-UNBXHF and the R10000-UNBX are two best sellers in its shower valve product lineup.

The slight differences in the two universal shower valves might have confused you. And there is also a difference between the prices, which can be a big deal if you are a professional.


In this article, we bring them head to head so that you know which valve to choose for your faucet trim kits.

Let’s start with a quick overview of these valves before the comparison.

Overview of R10000-UNBXHF

As you might already assume, the model number of this shower rough-in valve is almost similar to the R10000-UNBX. The HF at the end of the model number stands for high flow. So, it is a shower valve to be used in high-flow water systems.

Once you install this valve, you can replace or upgrade your shower trims without breaking the wall and altering the plumbing. This model will work with trim kits that are designed for showers only.

There will be a universal connection option on this valve to connect different materials. The valve body is made of high-quality brass, which makes the valve highly durable. You will find more details about the valve in the Delta R10000-UNBXHF installation instructions.

What Cartridges Does Delta R10000-UNBXHF Use?

You need to pair the R10000-UNBXHF valve with the right cartridge to make it work efficiently. Cartridges don’t come with a valve, so you need to buy them separately. In most cases, cartridges are included with the shower trims you buy.

Among different types, R10000-UNBXHF valves can use single-function pressure-balanced cartridges that come with T13 and T14 series shower trims. This valve is also compatible with a dual-function pressure-balanced cartridge from the T17 series or a dual-function thermostatic cartridge from the T17T series. So, you should choose the right cartridge according to what you desire from the valve.

Overview of R10000-UNBX

Delta R10000-UNBX MultiChoice Universal Shower Valve is another popular valve to be used in PEX or copper plumbing. These valves are also made of brass like the previous one. It works with shower trim kits with tub spouts, which is the reason behind this valve being so popular.

The valve is compatible with different cartridges, so it changes to shower function through pressure balance or thermostats. It has universal connection options with a durable brass body to last for a long time.

And you can easily replace the shower trim kit according to your choice if you have the valve installed. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What Cartridges Does Delta R10000-UNBX Use?

Both single and dual-function pressure-balanced valve cartridges are compatible with the R10000-UNBX. So, you can use anything from the T13, T14, or T17 series of shower trims. If you want to use dual-function thermostatic cartridges, you can go for the T17T series shower trims.

Comparison Table: R10000-UNBXHF Vs R10000-UNBX

We made a quick chart so that the differences and similarities between these two valves are easily visible. Check it out.

Inlet Connection TypeUniversalUniversal
Inlet Connection Size0.5” NPT Male Thread with Copper Sweat0.5” NPT Male Thread with Copper Sweat
Outlet Connection TypeUniversalUniversal
Outlet Connection Type0.5” NPT Male Thread with Copper Sweat0.5” NPT Male Thread with Copper Sweat
Shower Trims CompatibilityYesYes
Tub Spout CompatibilityNoYes
Screwdriver StopsNoNo
Cartridge CompatibilityT13/T14/T17/T17TT13/T14/T17/T17T
Suitable forHigh Flow SystemRegular Flow System

R10000-UNBXHF Vs R10000-UNBX: Head to Head Comparison

Let’s check these valves based on certain criteria.

Use Case

The main difference between R10000-UNBXHF and R10000-UNBX is the use case. You can use the first one in high-flow systems. Though this one is 1/2-inch in diameter, you will also find a 3/4 high-flow shower valve to meet your needs. But the R10000-UNBX is used in regular flow systems.

Compatibility with Shower Trims

Another big difference between these two valves is their compatibility with shower trims. R10000-UNBXHF will work with shower trims without tub spouts. But R10000-UNBX can work with shower trims with tub spouts.

Cartridge Compatibility

As you might already see from the comparison chart, these two valve bodies are compatible with the same cartridges from different series. Depending on the working principle of the cartridge, you can interchange them on these two valves. Both valves are compatible with T13, T14, T17, or T17T cartridges.

GPM Value

The Delta high-flow shower valve GPM will be different in these two valves even if you use the same cartridge on both valves. R10000-UNBXHF will always have a higher GPM as it is meant for high-flow lines.

Everything else, from the installation process to the number of connections, is the same on these valves. You just need to pick the right shower rough in the valve body according to your needs. For that, you need to check the following section.

Which One to Choose: R10000-UNBXHF or R10000-UNBX?

After all these discussions, it is pretty clear that these valves are quite similar in terms of connections, material, build quality, etc. The main difference is in their purposes.

If you have no tub spouts in your shower trims, you can easily use R10000-UNBXHF. It is also suitable for high-flow lines. But if you have a shower trim with a tub spout, you need to opt for R10000-UNBX. Only this valve is compatible with tub spouts.


Choosing the right shower valve body is crucial because the desired water flow mostly depends on it. No matter how well-decorated your bathroom is, a cheap shower valve will never perform as well as one from a renowned brand.

Also, you need to pick the right valve depending on your connections and trims. We compared these two valves side by side so that you know their features in detail and which valve goes where.

Take some time to understand their characteristics and choose a suitable valve for your plumbing system.