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Delta Vs. Moen Vs. Kohler Shower Valve – Which Is The Best And Why?

Delta, Moen, and Kohler are some of the most trusted and reputable shower valve brands today. Even though these are branded, you must check the similarities and differences before buying one.

So, what are the differences between Delta vs. Moen vs. Kohler shower valves? The shower valves from these three brands differ in many ways, including construction and ease of installation. In addition, the valves boast different outlets and control functions. Their warranty period and pricing are also contrasting.

What about their similarities? Stick around to find out more about their differences and which shower valve brand is a better option.

Comparison Table Between Delta Vs. Moen. Vs. Kohler Shower Valves

Below are the fundamental differences between Delta, Moen, and Kohler shower valves.

FeaturesDelta Shower ValvesMoen Shower ValvesKohler Shower Valves 
ConstructionBrass and durable plasticSolid brass with a corrosion-resistance finishForged brass or forged dezincification-resistant brass 
Installation & RepairVery easyModerately easyModerately easy 
Control FunctionsControl temperature onlyVolume control onlyVolume control only
Number of OutletsDualUp to 4Up to 6 
PriceRelatively cheaperSlightly priceyPricier 
Warranty Period5-year limited warranty for commercial applications5-year limited warranty for commercial applicationsLifetime limited warranty

Delta Vs. Moen Vs. Kohler Shower Valve Differences

delta vs moen vs kohler shower valve

While all these three shower valve brands are high quality, they each have different strengths and weaknesses. Read on to find out their fundamental differences.

1. Construction

Delta shower valves have a corrosion-resistance brass body, but the cartridge and test plug are plastic. Moen shower valves feature solid brass construction coupled with a corrosion-resistance finish. This makes them more durable than Delta shower valves.

On the other hand, most Kohler shower valves are constructed from forged brass or forged dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass materials.

Unlike standard brass, DZR brass includes lower zinc content but higher copper content, ensuring superior strength. This makes Kohler shower valves more durable than Moen and Delta.

2. Ease of Installation & Repair

Delta shower valves are the easiest to install and repair because they are universal. The valves are compatible with various Delta cartridges and shower faucet trims since they use the same rough-in in the wall. You just remove the trim kit that installs over your bathroom tiles, then replace the valve.

Moen and Kohler’s valves are equally easy to install and repair. You can replace them without replacing the plumbing. However, they are not DIY friendly because most of them are not universal. Generally, Moen valves with Posi-temp cartridges are some of the hardest to repair.

3. Types of Controls

For Delta shower valves, they are available in three different control functions. You can choose a valve with control temperature only, control volume and temperature, or volume and precise temperature control. The latter is known as a thermostatic valve.

Similarly, Moen and Kohler valves also have three control functions. However, instead of having a control temperature function, they only have volume control. The other control functions are the same as for Delta.

4. Number of Outlets

The majority of Delta shower valves have single or dual outlets. This means you can only connect one or two showering components to the valve.

However, Moen valves have two or three, and others have four outlets. The two outlet valves allow you to connect two showering devices, including an extra shower head, body sprays, or hand showers.

Meanwhile, three outlet valves mean you can run two of the three or all three devices together or independently. For the 4-outlet shower valves, you can link four shower fixtures. As for Kohler shower valves, they are available with up to six outlets.


Delta shower valves are affordably priced compared to their Moen and Kohler counterparts. If you’re replacing the valve body alone, you can get the valve for less than 50 bucks. And if replacing the entire valve, the kit costs around $60 on the lower side.

Moen valves are slightly more expensive than Delta. Their prices range between $80 and $370. However, the Moen Smart Shower Valve costs over a thousand bucks. 

But overall, Kohler shower valves are the most expensive of them all. They cost between $89 and $1800. Besides, their built quality is better than that of Delta and Moen.

Warranty Period

If you buy Delta and Moen shower valves for commercial applications, you get a 5-year limited warranty. But for residential applications, Delta and Moen offer a 10-year limited warranty for their valves.

On the other hand, Kohler provides a lifetime limited warranty on all of their shower valves. It does not matter whether the valves are for residential or commercial use. This might explain why their valves are pricey.

Any Similarities Between Delta, Moen, & Kohler Shower Valves?

Besides their differences, these three shower valve brands share several similarities. Let’s check them out.


The three brands offer similar types of shower valves. You can get pressure balancing, mixing, diverter, transfer, and thermostatic shower valves.


All three brands offer warranties for their products. This is proof that their shower valves are made with quality in mind.

Availability of Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Delta, Moen, and Kohler shower valves are readily available. You can quickly get them either from the manufacturer or home improvement stores.


All shower valves from these three brands feature brass construction. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about corrosion or rust.

Designs and Styles

Delta, Moen, and Kohler offer their shower valves in many designs and styles. As such, you will quickly find a shower valve matching your bathroom’s style.

Are Moen, Kohler, and Delta Shower Valves Interchangeable?

The answer is no. First, it is because Delta, Moen, and Kohler shower valves have different dimensions and designs. On top of that, each shower valve from the three brands is built to work with a specific trim. This is because the trims utilize distinct mounting systems and cartridges.

So, you cannot replace Delta shower valves with those from Moen or Kohler. To change from Moen to Delta or Kohler shower valves and vice versa, you must replace the entire shower system. This requires you to rip out the wall to replace the fittings inside.

Which Is Better: Delta vs. Moen vs. Kohler Shower Valve?

The Delta shower valve is the best choice if you are on a budget. It is not only easy to install and repair but also durable. Even better, it has the same warranty as the Moen shower valve. The best part is that this shower valve is universal, making replacement more effortless and cost-effective.

Meanwhile, you could get a Moen or Kohler shower valve if you are not on a budget. Both brands make high-quality and durable valves. However, Moen shower valves are more affordable than Kohler’s. 


Before we conclude, let’s check out some commonly asked questions about Delta vs. Moen vs. Kohler shower valves.

Q: Do plumbers prefer Delta, Moen, or Kohler shower valves?

Most plumbers regularly recommend Delta and Moen shower valves. This is perhaps because both brands are less expensive than Kohler’s and are easy to install and repair.

Q: Are Delta, Moen, and Kohler shower valves made in China?

All three brands are American companies. However, Delta, Moen, and Kohler often contract third parties, primarily in China, to manufacture most of their shower valves.


Delta vs. Moen vs. Kohler shower valve kits differ in many ways, including the type of materials they are made of. They are also different in terms of ease of installation, warranty, number of outlets, and control functions.

But besides their differences, the valves from these three brands have many similarities. For instance, they all come with a warranty and are available in many designs and styles. On the flip side, these shower valves are not interchangeable because they use different cartridges.