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How to Protect Bathroom Floor from Urine?

Kids or elderly people often can’t target the right part of the toilet bowl when peeing. As a result, urine splashes back onto the bathroom floor and makes it nasty. Even though you clean the bathroom regularly, this can create intense odor, scale buildup, or blemishes.

So, how to protect the bathroom floor from urine? The easiest way to protect the bathroom floor from urine is to use absorbent floor mats in the bathroom. You can also use pee splash guards to prevent the urine from splashing back.

In this article, we will take about keeping your bathroom floor from urine in detail.

how to protect bathroom floor from urine

What Problems Are Caused by Urine on Bathroom Floor?

Even fully grown men can often miss hitting the right spot on the toilet bowl. And if it is at night, the chance even increases. So, you might find those nasty urine puddles around the toilet bowl the next morning.

The smell might seem to be the main problem, but it is not. Here are a few issues you might face after urine splashing back on the floor.

  • If the splashed urine sits on the bathroom floor for a long time, it will start creating an unpleasant odor. The odor will sustain if you don’t clean the floor properly.
  • After continuous splashing for a few days, the uric acid present in the urine will start building up on the bathroom floor. Even if you keep floor around toilet clean, the uric acid can slowly build up to create a permanent stink in your bathroom.
  • When splashed urine is collected on porous surfaces, it will cause stains on the surfaces. For this reason, you might face blemishes on the floor near the toilet bowl or even on the toilet bowl itself.

Let’s check how you can protect floor around toilet from urine stains and damage.

What Can I Put Around the Toilet to Pee?

Putting absorbent mats or rugs around the toilet is the easiest and most effective way of keeping your bathroom floor clean. These mats will absorb any splashed urine from the toilet bowl. You can either dispose of or clean these mats.

Another effective way is to put a simple splash guard around the toilet. These guards will ensure urine is never splashed from the bowl, regardless of height or the angle of attack. It will also protect bathroom walls from urine.

How Do You Clean Pee Off the Floor?

Cleaning pee off your bathroom floor will take some time and effort. Follow these steps to clean and sanitize the bathroom floor effectively.

  • If the pee puddle is not so old, flood the floor with water first.
  • After giving it a short rinse, add some bathroom floor cleaner into the water and pour the mixture over the bathroom floor.
  • Brush the floor lightly and give it another rinse to clean the floor.
  • If the urine smell is still evident and you see scale buildup, you might need to use a more powerful bathroom floor cleaner.
  • Take a medium bristle brush and rub the floor until the floor is completely clean.

How to Protect Bathroom Floor from Urine?

There are several ways of protecting a bathroom floor from urine. Check the ways below to get a clean and hygienic bathroom floor.

Use Urine Splash Guard

As the urine flow gets splashed from the inside of the toilet bowl, you can reduce that by installing a male urine splash guard. This is a plastic component that is installed inside the toilet bowl. With the splash guard on, almost no urine is deflected from the bowl.

But this method is only effective if adults can properly use the toilet. Kids or older people can miss the target, and the splash guard won’t be effective in such cases.

Use Absorbent Floor Mats

When the previous method isn’t the right fit, you need to consider about alternatives. Putting a urine absorbent floor mat for adults is easy and effective. Such a mat will absorb almost all the urine splashed on the bathroom floor.

But these floor mats are mostly disposable. Once they have reached the limit, you need to discard them and place a new mat every time. This can be costly for many people.

Use Washable Floor Protectors

Using washable toilet floor protectors is the most economical idea in this case. These mats have excellent absorption power, just like the previous mats. But they don’t need to be discarded after a single-use. Instead, you can wash these mats to use them repeatedly.

But you need to frequently clean these mats so that no urine is collected under the mats for a long time.

Apply Caulk to the Toilet Base

If there is any gap in the grout, splashed urine can penetrate that and be collected beneath the toilet bowl. To prevent this, you should apply caulk around the toilet base. Make sure to clean the surface under the toilet before caulking.

Should You Put a Rug In Front of Your Toilet?

No matter how much effort you put to prevent urine around toilet, it is unhygienic when someone steps out of the bathroom with wet feet. There can be urine in their feet which might make your rooms nasty and smelly.

To prevent this, you should put a rug in front of your toilet so that everyone can wipe their feet off while stepping out of the bathroom.


A clean bathroom is never an option; it is an absolute necessity. But urine splashes are often inevitable, especially when you have small or really big kids at home. When nothing can stop them from missing the toilet bowl while peeing, you need to take steps to protect the bathroom floor.

We mentioned some effective ways to protect the bathroom floor from urine. Try these methods and ensure the bathroom floor always stays clean, dry, and hygienic. Besides, teach your kids how to use the toilet perfectly so that the splash is the minimum.

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