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The Shower Valve Showdown: Moen 3320 vs 3330

If you’re in the market for a shower valve, you’ve probably narrowed it down to two models: Moen 3320 and Moen 3330.

Both are excellent choices, and you really can’t go wrong with either one. So, it all comes down to your needs and preferences.

But if you’ve looked into it, you know there’s a great debate on Moen 3320 Vs 3330. Each has its pros and cons. And, of course, one significant difference that sets them apart.

So, which one is right for you? In this blog, I’ll compare these two shower valves side-by-side to help you decide.

Moen 3320 vs 3330

Overview of Moen 3320


  • Connection Size: 1/2”
  • Connection Type: IPS (Iron Pipe Size)
  • Type Of Function: 3-Function (2 Independent 1 Shared)
  • Ports: 4 Ports; 2 Outlets
  • Adjustment Type: ADA Single Lever

Moen 3320 M-Pact Moentrol Valve is designed for seamless installation. The secret? A common valve system. It allows you to update your trim without replacing your plumbing system.

There’s more to the 3-function diverter. You can run the showerhead and the handheld shower from the same valve and independent of one another.

In addition, it has pressure balancing with integral check stops. It serves two functions: to save energy and to prevent shower shock.

Whatever temperature you select, pressure balancing maintains it at ± 3˚. So, there’s no chance for dangerous temperature fluctuations. Plus, it can reduce your monthly bill by 30%.

This rough-in valve comes with volume control too. You can choose between a full force, gentle stream, or a water-saving spray.

Moen 3320 uses ½-inch threaded IPS connections. Also, it has ADA compliant lever, so even those with disabilities can use it.

Overview of Moen 3330


  • Connection Size: 1/2”
  • Connection Type: CC (Copper Connection)
  • Type Of Function: 3-Function (2 Independent 1 Shared)
  • Ports: 4 Ports; 2 Outlets
  • Adjustment Type: ADA Single Lever

The 3330 M-Pact Moentrol is another Moen shower valve with diverter. It has a 3-function diverter for use with a showerhead and a handheld shower.

You can route water from both outlets simultaneously with the turn of the ADA handle. The best part? They operate independently.

This allows for much greater versatility in the shower. Also, it saves installation time and money, as it is easy to install and remove.

The pressure-balancing design is another great feature. It balances the temperature fluctuations that occur when more than one plumbing fixture is in use at the same time. It achieves this by sensing the difference between hot and cold supply water pressure and adjusting the flow accordingly.

In addition, this shower valve has integrated temperature stops. It ensures that the water temperature in your shower doesn’t go above a certain level.

Moen 3330 also has a volume control to adjust the amount of water that flows through your shower head. Turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise to increase or decrease the pressure coming from your showerhead.

Unlike Moen 3320, the Moen 3330 shower valve has ½-inch CC Connections. You’ll need to do some soldering work for the copper connections.

Are Moen Shower Valves Universal?

No, Moen trim kits are not necessarily interchangeable. Moen shower valves come in Standard, Moentrol, or Posi-Temp rough-in valves. And yes, they look pretty similar. However, you can’t switch one trim kit for the other.

But how do you know which Moen shower trim kit is compatible with your current Moen shower valve? It’s simple! Look at the handle operation and the location of the escutcheon screws. If they’re similar, you’re good to go.

Comparison Table: Moen 3320 Vs 3330

FactorsMoen 3320Moen 330
Connection Size½-inch½-inch
Connection TypeThreaded IPS ConnectionsCC Soldered Copper Connections
Functions3-Function (2 Independent 1 Shared)3-Function (2 Independent 1 Shared)
Ports4 Ports; 2 Outlets4 Ports; 2 Outlets
Adjustment TypeSingle LeverSingle Lever

Moen 3320 Vs 3330: What Are The Key Differences?

The main difference between Moen 3320 and 3330 is the connection type. But there are also other differences based on the connection type. Let’s take a closer look!

Connection Type

Moen 3320 has IPS (Iron Pipe Size) threaded connections, while Moen 3330 uses CC (Copper Connections).

Ease Of Installation

With a threaded connection, the Moen 3320 offers hassle-free DIY installation. Screw a threaded end into another – no special tools are required. In fact, you’ll only need a wrench or pliers. Also, it allows for easy adjustments when doing Moen shower valve repair.

The CC connection on Moen 3330 uses soldered copper. You’ll need a propane torch to melt the copper. The process requires technical skills and is a bit time-consuming.

Leak Protection

You get a stronger, permanent seal using CC connections on Moen 3330. Hence, it seals leakages for a longer time. This makes it ideal for high-pressure commercial applications.

Installation Cost

Moen 3320 is more affordable. You can install it yourself with no special tools. Moen 3330, on the other hand, is more expensive to install as it requires special tools and takes more time. You’ll most likely have to hire a professional.

Which One To Choose: Moen 3320 Or 3330?

Both valves offer the same features, except for the connection type. So, which one is better based on the type of connection?

I’ll go with Moen 3320. It offers a hassle-free DIY installation and easy future adjustments – anyone can do it!

But I’m not saying Moen 3330 is a bad choice. In fact, you’ll appreciate the strong CC connection in high-pressure commercial applications. Only that installation seems costly and time-consuming.


The Moen 3320 and the Moen 3330 shower valves are excellent options to improve your shower experience. Both shower valves offer plenty of perks, from durability to an array of customization options.

They also happen to come in at a price point most homeowners will appreciate. And that’s really all there is to love about any product: how much bang you get for your buck! Plus, with a lifetime warranty (yes, lifetime), you can rest assured that they’ll last as long as possible.

But I think the Moen 3320 is the better choice for most people, thanks to the hassle-free DIY installation. However, if you have the money for costly repairs or need a shower valve for commercial applications, you can go with Moen 3330.