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Can You Start a Plumbing Business Without a License? Find Out The Truth

Business entrepreneurs around the world have taken great interest in the plumbing business recently. Moreover, the USA plumbing business is estimated to generate over 110 billion dollars of revenue annually. That is certainly a very lucrative amount for anyone trying to start up a new business. But what if you are not a plumber?

Can you start a plumbing business without a license? In short, yes! With a plumbing business, you would need a “Master Plumber” as the face of your company. To represent your business, that master plumber has to have a current license and agree to several rules and restrictions set down by the state government.

Getting a master plumber for your business is merely even the first step taken to establish a successful plumbing business. There are almost uncountable variables and strategies to discuss here. But no matter how many they may be, we shall discuss it all in the article down below.

Can You Start a Plumbing Business Without a License?

Can You Start a Plumbing Business Without a License

You need a head chef to get your restaurant up and running, and thus may open a restaurant without becoming a chef. Similarly, if you were in the plumbing industry, you would want a “Master Plumber” to represent your brand.

That very master plumber must have his license up to date and must sign up for certain rules and regulations under the state of government. All the other ordinary plumbers without a master plumber license must work under him and his supervision and regulations.

Be aware that whoever fills the position of the master plumber for your firm will have a significant impact on both the success and failure of your organization.

For him to work comfortably with your other coworkers, choose a qualified yet modest guy, and make sure you pay him properly. Being a “Master Plumber” is a challenging and time-consuming job.

Steps To Establish A Proper Plumbing Business And Company

Here we shall discuss in great detail the mandatory steps to establish a successful plumbing business.

Choosing A Business Structure

There is various business structure to choose from, and each has its pros and cons. The most common ones are LCC (Limited Liability Company), Sole Proprietor, and Partnership.

While Sole Proprietorship gives you the most control and power over your company, if you happen to have a reliable family member or friend you will be pleased to do business with, you can establish a Partnership business.

While LCC is not as convenient as Sole Proprietorship or Partnership business structure, it has its niche. If your company is sued, you will have limited liability to deal with and hence the name.

Choosing The Types Of Plumbing Service Your Company Will Provide

It is essential to decide what sort of service your company will provide. Will your company take contracts on commercial sites and deal with big projects such as establishing a working water system in a developing building? Or will you provide repair services to the common household? Or maybe both?

It is very important to figure out your company’s main form of services early, as you will have to find a master plumber accordingly.

Enrolling A Master Plumber

After high school, you have to graduate from college with certain subjects necessary for being a plumber. After passing the license test of a journeyman, you can officially call yourself a skilled plumber. But not yet a master!

It takes 5 more years of work-on experience under the surveillance of a Master Plumber to even qualify for a Master Plumber License Test. Hence it’s undeniable that being a master plumber for a man without a similar background is close to impossible, so it’s best to hire someone qualified.

Choosing The Right Name For Your Company

The right name for your company will make a world of difference; any business lesson around the world will tell you the same. So do put some proper time and effort into naming your business. As not only will it describe the services you will provide, but it will also end up symbolizing your business entity.

But make sure to pick a name that is not already in use, as it will have legal consequences. Plus do not make your company’s name too boring or too big. Making it too boring won’t stand out in the crowd, and making it too big will make it hard for your previous customers to remember your company.

Register Your Business Entity

After you have figured out your business name and structure and the services it will provide, you will need to register it legally. To be accepted by federal law as a company.

You will need proper documents and licenses to be fit to register successfully. Hence make sure to get your paperwork right and find a suitable lawyer.

Strategies To Follow

The plumbing business is very lucrative and is heavily crowded with endless competition. So understandably, it is hard to get into the plumbing business without prior experience.

Hence we are discussing a few business strategies that will give you as a beginner a big edge over your competition.

Knowing Your Targetted Areas

The first step to establishing a successful business is to be knowledgeable. As a plumbing business is a service-providing business, knowing your neighborhood could do no wrong.

The more knowledge you can gain about the needs and requirements of your targetted areas, the better prepared you can take to provide stellar service.

Don’t Hesitate To Expend Buying Tools

The plumbing business is very easy to get into. You do not need a lot of startup capital, as the only major expense will be getting a proper truck.

But the expenses start adding up quickly if you start including advanced gadgets. And honestly, we would highly recommend spending a bit more if necessary to get good and advanced tools.

Not only will it give your workers an edge over your competitors, but it will also save time and resources. And in the long run, it will almost always be financially beneficial.

And we all know the old saying that a bad craftsman blames his tools rather than himself, but realistically it is also true that a good craftsman also does need proper tools to show his charisma.

Open An Online Page

In the current generation, almost all business has an online presence. Not having one is a deficit. And as cheap as it is now to get a catchy yet professional online page, it is a no-brainer to invest in creating an online page.

Having an online page makes your company known better. And it is also easy for customers living far away from your business entity to discover your company and order your services online.

Give Plenty of Discounts

From a business standpoint, discounts might not be a very good idea as you would make less revenue than usual. But yet, almost all the business entities around the world deal with discounts daily. The math is simpler than you think.

Discounts lure in customers; sure, you will be making fewer bucks an hour. But during the discount session, not only are you getting your company known to the general public, but you are also doing more jobs an hour than usual which is good business.

When they need a plumber again, they will certainly think about your company.

Always Give A Business Card

Do not ever leave a site without distributing your business card. As not only is it a good manner to display, it will also keep them reminded about your company.


A plumbing business has a huge profit margin and very low initial cost, making it perfect for interested entrepreneurs worldwide. But any business, no matter how easy it is, will certainly fail without proper management and leadership.

So, can you start a plumbing business without a license? Yes, you can with the aid of a master plumber. But keep in mind that without the right understanding of the sector, you will always lag behind.

So make sure, in plumbing or any other sort of business, you immerse yourself and study every little detail. It may help sustain and expand your business!

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