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Best Washing Machine Shut off Valve in 2023: How to Choose

Although this may not seem that crucial at first, it’s good to install the best washing machine shut-off valve in your laundry room. This will allow you to control the flow of water into the machine, protecting your house from water damage and the accompanying repair costs. Better yet, the valve will provide a convenient and maintenance-free way of shutting off the water.

Best Washing Machine Shut off Valve

In short, a washing machine shut-off is a great investment to have in your home.

However, with so many shut-off valves in the market, finding the right device for your home and washing machine isn’t a walk in the park.

So, which is the best shut-off for your washing machine and how do you choose? Well, continue reading this guide to discover some of the best and most effective washing machine shut-off valves available today!

First, here are some of the most important aspects you should consider before you settle on any shut-off valve!

What to Look For before buying shut off valve

Type of washer shut off valve

In general, washing machine shut-off valve can fall into 2 categories; automatic and manual.

As the name suggests, manual valves have to be turned off and on manually using the lever control. More notably, manual valves usually have a pretty simple and basic design. As a result, they’re quite easy to use and install and come at very affordable prices.

Type Of Washer Shut Off Valve

On the other hand, automatic shut-off valves turn on and off without human intervention when the washer is working. They feature an innovative design that mainly consists of the valve, leak sensor, and electronics. Even better, some automatic shut-off valves are so advanced that they can be controlled using common devices like tablets or smartphones.

While it’s important to consider the type of shut-off valve to install in your washing machine, both options basically do the same job. That is, regulating and controlling water flow into the washing machine and preventing water damage.


As you go through various washing machine shut-off valves, you’ll realize that they’re made of different materials. Some of these materials are; brass, plastic & stainless steel. It’s important to consider the material used in the valve you intend to buy since each has its benefits and drawbacks. Besides, the type of material used will help you to assess the quality of the shut-off valve.

For instance, stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion. At the same time, it has an excellent ability to withstand high temperatures, making it a good option for washing machine shut-off faucets.

However, most washing machine shut-off valves are commonly crafted from brass material. Thanks to its exceptional durability, allowing you to use it for several years without any problems.

Lastly, plastic is cheap and has low thermal conductivity. Therefore, it will not overheat when exposed to hot water flowing into your washing machine.


The size of washer shut-off valves is often measured in inches. Size is another important factor to consider since it may vary from one shut-off manufacturer to another. Fortunately, you can easily determine the ideal size of the shut-off valve by checking the label on your washer.

Water pressure

Lastly, make sure you check the maximum pressure the shut-off valve can handle and your washer’s water pressure. If the water pressure is low, you’ll need to buy an adapter to fix this problem.

That aside, here are the best shut-off valves you can buy for your washing machine!

5 Best Shut off valves for washing machines

1. SharkBite 25560LF MHT Washing Machine Angle Valve

SharkBite 25560LF MHT Washing Machine Angle Valve Image

For over 20 years now, SharkBite has been manufacturing innovative plumbing systems for commercial and residential applications. More importantly, their products, including this 25560LF washer shut-off valve, have been proven to be both productive and efficient!

For starters, SharkBite is considered the only push-to-connect valve brand that ensures a clean, leak-free connection. Moreover, this unit features a quarter-turn valve design with mounting brackets.

For that, it’s ideal for use in washing machines that don’t have an outlet box. However, you can also use it in hydroponic heating and potable water applications. Whichever the case, this valve helps to reduce the risk of flooding and does a great job of controlling the water supply.

Another stand-out feature offered by this unit is that it’s quite simple to install. All thanks to the drop-ear mounting tabs and innovative push to connect design.

To install this valve, first, cut your pipe square removing debris and rough edges. Mark the pipe to the right insertion depth, then push and fit it up to the depth mark. Make sure the pipe passes through the O-ring until it gets to the tube stop to create a secure joint.

Once you insert your pipe into the valve’s quick connect fittings, its stainless steel teeth will bite down and hold for quick installation. While the specially formulated O-ring will compress the connection to create the perfect watertight seal. Even better, you don’t need any special tool, unions, or glue to create the watertight seal.

In addition, this device has a ¾” hose thread outlet connection and ½” push-to-connect inlet that fits in most pipes. For instance, it’s compatible with Copper, SDR-9 HDPE, CPVC as well as PEX pipes. The best part? It works well with existing plumbing systems and is ideal for use in tight spaces.


  • 200 PSI Pressuring rating and 200 deg F Temperature rating
  • Angled valve type
  • 0.75” Outlet connection
  • Copper exterior finish
  • Cross-linked polyethylene inlet connection
  • Brass construction

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with PEX, PE-RT, Copper & CPVC pipes
  • Designed for hydronic and potable water distribution systems
  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Doesn’t require special tools, solder, crimping, or glue to install
  • Perfect for washing machines with no outlet box
  • Available in angle and straight valve types

2. American Valve M75LS Washing Machine Valve

American Valve M75LS Washing Machine Valve Image

Like other products from this American Valve, M75LS is a reliable and high-quality shut-off valve replacement for washing machines. More notably, it features an innovative design that ensures water flows straight to your washer. As a result, it’s a great option for washing machine installations where water pipes come up out of the floor instead of the wall.

Still, on design, this valve is equipped with a lock nut that secures it to the washing machine box. Moreover, it features a ¾” hose threaded outlet, Duo solder & ½” NPT threaded inlet. Better still, the inlet has a long shank to ensure easy installation.

The other interesting feature excited by this shut-off valve is that it provides energy-saving benefits. Specifically, it guarantees build-up resistance and zero leakage. At the same time, it’s designed to reduce the impact of harmful chemicals that may affect the environment or the health & safety of people.

One thing you need to bear in mind though is that this valve should not be used to convey water for human consumption. Other than that, it’s a great valve for controlling water flow in your washing machine. Besides, it has extended garden hose threads to provide a secure connection.


  • 125 CWP pressure rating
  • 180 deg F temperature resistance
  • Hose thread outlet
  • 1/2” Solder/ NPSM thread inlet

Highlighted Features:

  • Low lead brass body construction
  • Multi-turn handle
  • High flow
  • Long shank with locking nut
  • Adjustable packing nut

3. Mueller B & K Washing machine Shut Off Valve

Mueller B & K Washing machine Shut Off Valve Image

Mueller B & K shut-off is a reasonably priced device that works efficiently to shut off the water in your washing machine. Moreover, it’s a simple manual valve, so you’ve to adjust it manually to control water flowing to your washer.

One of the most unique features displayed by this device is that it has a ball-type valve design. Typically, the internal ball valve has a hole through its center. When you open the valve, that hole is alighted with the direction of the pipe to allow water to flow into the machine. And when you close the handle, the ball rotates 90 degrees, blocking the hole in the ball to shut off.

In this case, this valve is controlled by a single lever. Better still, a single lever is used to control both cold and hot water flowing to your washer through this dual washer shut-off valve.

Still, on design, this valve has a ¾” hose thread outlet and ½” solder end inlets. More notably, the threaded ends comply with ANSI B1.20.1, while the solder ends comply with ANSI B16.18.

Overall, this ball valve provides a quick turn-off, since its valve closes and opens completely with a short turn of the single lever handle.


  • Inlet connection type: solder
  • Weight: 1.09 lbs
  • 7” X 7” X 4”
  • Singl;e lever control

Highlighted Features:

  • Ball valve design
  • ¾” hose thread outlet
  • A single lever controls both cold & hot water
  • Dual washing machine valve
  • Sturdy & reliable device

4. HYDRO MASTER Washing Machine Shut Off Valve

HYDRO MASTER Washing Machine Shut Off Valve Image

If you want a washing machine shut-off valve that is both easy to use and reliable, HYDRO MASTER is your go-to option. And there are several reasons for that!

To start, this dual shut-off valve is crafted from superior brass construction for strength and longevity. While its body is made from long-lasting plastic for long-term use. In addition, its single lever on-off is made up of stainless steel.

Another interesting feature about this shut-off valve is that it’s suitable for use in both medium-sized and large washing machines. According to the manufacturer, it’s compatible with most washing machines made in the USA.

On top of that, this unit is equipped with various convenience features that make it extremely easy to use. For instance, its top flange comes with a notch that makes it easy to insert and remove from your washing machine. Moreover, the stainless steel single level allows you to control both the hot and cold valves with ease.

To install, simply put the valve on top of your washer, turn it on and let it ‘click’ into place. Once you’ve done that, this valve will do an excellent job of preventing your washing machine from turning on accidentally.


  • 180 deg Temperature Rating
  • 125 Psi Pressure rating
  • ½” MNPT x ¾” Outlet hose thread connection
  • NPT Thread Type
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with most USA washing machines
  • Heavy brass body construction
  • Stainless steel single lever
  • Dual shut-off valve

5. Watts Intelliflow A2C-WB-M1 Automatic Washing Machine Shut Off Valve

Watts Intelliflow A2C-WB-M1 Automatic Washing Machine Shut Off Valve Image

Unlike other shut-off valves we’ve reviewed so far, Watts Intelliflow A2C-WB-M1 is an automatic shut-off valve. In other words, it will sense when your washer is on or off, and automatically open or close the cold inlet valves as needed. Hence preventing or allowing water to flow to your washing machine. Better still, the device will immediately close the current flow to both cold and how water valves if it detects a leak!

First and foremost, this device comprises an electrical 3-prong outlet that receives the washer power cable, power cord, replaceable internal strainer screen, and a leak sensor. In addition, it’s equipped with ½” sweat inlet adapters for cold and hot water supply tubing and 2 mounting tabs for securing it to the wall for mount applications. At the same time, the package comes with a wall box for recessed wall mounting.

When you turn on the washing machine, this valve’s leak sensor detects the washer’s current flow and opens the valve. And when the washer shuts off after completing a full wash cycle, the device will detect the lack of current, closing the water valves. Such automated operations help to prevent water damage if the washer inlet hose bursts when the machine is unattended or in use or unattended.

In addition, this shut-off valve operates at a maximum pressure of up to 150 psi to prevent your clothes from being ruined.

All in all, this device is a great option for residential applications since it will protect your home against potentially catastrophic water damage.

On the downside, this shut-off valve isn’t compatible with washers or combination dryers/ washers that are 220V AC powered. If you want to use this automatic shut-off valve with such appliances, you have to use it with the Watts IntelliTimer.


  • Sweat inlet & outlet connection type
  • Temperature rating: 180 deg F
  • Pressure Rating: 150 Psi (10 bars)
  • Polysulfone body construction
  • ½” water inlet connection size
  • ¾” water outlet connection size

Highlighted Features:

  • Turns off the washing machine’s water supply when a leak is detected
  • Prevents floods and water damage from burst washer hoses
  • The electronic control device detects the washer’s current flow
  • De-pressurizes hoses when the washer is not in use
  • Withstands pressure of up to 150 psi

Washing Machine Shut Off Valve Repair Kit

Washing Machine Shut Off Valve Repair Kit

How water supplies to washing machines tend to develop leaks over time. These leaks will increase your water bills or cause water damage to your house and laundry room. So, if you notice any leaks coming from the valves, it may be time to replace or repair the shut-off valve.

Interestingly, although shut-off valves for washers are available in different types and styles, they have common components that can cause the valves to leak. That is; the bushing at the valve stem for the handle and the packing nut. Better yet, replacing or repairing washing machine valves only takes a short time. Therefore, your laundry room and washing machine will be up and running in a matter of minutes, especially if you’ve got the right washing machine shut-off valve repair kit.

Basically, a repair kit contains components you can use to replace internal components of a shut-off valve to repair a leak. Repair a leaking shut-off valve. A washer shut-off repair kit comes with various components like O-rings, plastic packing nuts, and bushings. Also, the kit may include Teflon or plastic inserts that you can use to rebuild the cut-off valve and fix the leak. However, before you settle on a specific valve kit, check the exact type of water on/off you have.


With the best washing machine shut-off valve, you can easily regulate and stop water flow into your washer. One thing you need to remember is that each valve has its set of pros and cons. So, make sure you consider the factors we listed earlier during your selection process until you find the best shut-off valve that suits your needs. Hopefully, that will not be that hard after reading this guide as we’ve listed some of the best options you’ve ever come across on the market!


1. How do I fix a leaking shut-off valve on my washing machine?

First, check whether the water hoses are tight to determine if the leak is coming from the hoses. Next, check whether the O-rings are broken, ripped, or too compressed. If the leak is coming from the valve, replace the O-rings to fix the problem. However, if the valve itself is cracked, you need to remove and replace the valve.

To replace the O-ring, shut off the water supply to the leaking valve. Then remove the lever handle from the valve stem, loosen and remove its packing nut, followed by the old washer, then slide on a new washer. Once you’ve done that, reinstall the packing nut and tighten it lightly using a wrench. Finally, reattach the lever handle to the valve stem.  

2. Why is my washing machine’s shut-off valve leaking?

The washing machine shut-off (Cut-off) valves are rarely used, causing mineral deposits to accumulate inside the valves over time. As a result, the washer on the valve stem fails to seat properly when you close and open the valve. This causes it to leak around the stem nut of the valve.

Other factors that may be causing your washing machine valve to leak are worn-out bushings/ O-rings and loose hose connections. To fix these problems, you need to replace the old worn-out bushings, Teflon rings, or O-rings.

3. What is the cost of replacing a washer shut-off valve?

Shut-off valves are usually installed in washing machines to regulate the water supply. However, over time, the shut-off may be broken, causing the water to leak. You can fix this problem by replacing the valve at an average cost of about $100 – $220.  

4. How do you fix a stuck shut-off valve?

Sometimes shut-off valves, especially traditional main and future shut-offs get stuck, making it difficult to close or open the valve. If that’s the case with your shut-off valve, spray it with WD-40, let it lubricate, and try again.

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