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Why Is My Toilet On A Raised Platform? An Expert’s Answer

A toilet on a raised platform is a true masterpiece of modern engineering, offering more comfort and convenience. The history of using high toilets is still fresh. The concept became popular during the middle of the 19th century with a growing sense of the “civilized” term.

So, why is my toilet on a raised platform?

The very basic reason is the design requirements: both interior and plumbing. Other reasons can be described as the addition of aesthetic values, greater accessibility, better airflow, enabling health benefits, religious issues, etc.

However, the respective facts are substantially surprising. If you want to know more about the resonances of such a raised setting for a toilet, you are in the right place. In this article, we clear up every detail regarding the context of a toilet on the raised platform.

Why Is My Toilet On A Raised Platform?

why is my toilet on a raised platform

In this section, we detail the reasons why your toilet is on a raised platform.

Design Requirements

In this case, plumbing design is the core concern. If the design requires a minimum amount of height to get the assistance of gravity, a toilet setup with a platform is the easiest option. Here, the function is to transfer the human extracts from the toilet to the waste disposal tank quickly.

In addition to this, to accommodate the want-to-circulate tones and transitions within the whole bathroom’s interior, a raised floor is usually used for toilet setup.


To offer greater accessibility to users with mobility issues, a toilet on scaffolding is a vital option. It is easily accessible from a wheelchair and can be outfitted with handrails, adjustable height options, and other features.


A toilet on a raised platform offers the user more stability while using it. The larger space for foot placement within the setting offers users more balancing features.

In addition to this, all the weight of the elevated platform restricts the possibility of falling down or tilting. In short, the elevated setting offers a greater user experience.

Aesthetic Reasonings

Apart from the practical reasons for an on-platform toilet, it has some aesthetic significance. Below is the list.

  • Enhanced look
  • It is a modern solution
  • Allows space savings by importing a separating context

Health Benefits

Toilets on a raised platform have some benefits related to personal hygiene and the psychology of cleanliness. After all, a toilet is for releasing a human’s solid and liquid wastes, which have a greater chance of spreading germs.

The associated elevation restricts the germ’s spread within the whole lavatory. Also, people with a higher degree of sensitivity regarding filthy toilets feel good to use a raised-platform toilet. It is a psychological advantage.

Religious Issues

In almost every religion, the human extract is considered impure, a strong barrier to performing prayers. As a result, you cannot prevent some drops of urine or dirty water from spreading.

If the toilet is on the same floor, the new person in the lavatory might come into contact with the spread of dirt or dirty water. A raised platform restricts such by enabling separate water outlets and uses areas.

Easy to Clean

In comparison to a toilet on the same floor, a toilet on a raised platform is easier to clean. The added height allows the users to reach every corner and fold of the toilet easily. Here, a brush attached with a long handle is enough to do an effective cleaning task.

This is how the added height restricts people from bending their backs to clean properly. After all, bend-to-clean puts more pressure on the backbone, which is a challenge for people with mobility issues and those over 45–50 years old.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Toilets on Raised Platform

To wrap things up, the pros and cons would give you a better idea. The following table contains the advantages and disadvantages of such a setup.

Stylish and modern lookIncreased cost
More pureness in the environmentCan be slippy while stepping on the floor
More health benefitsNot kid-friendly
Easy to cleanIncreased criticality in plumbing task
Greater accessibilityHigher space requirement


Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

Can you run plumbing above the slab foundation of a toilet on a raised platform?

Yes, you can run plumbing above a slab foundation. But the look won’t be that nice. Also, the piping will have a higher degree of risk of fast corrosion, leakage generation, etc.

Is a toilet on a raised platform cost more than a same-floor toilet?

Yes, it costs a bit more due to the need for extra construction material use, more work in the plumbing, etc.

How do I form a raised platform for a commode?

There are two best-suited options. One is creating the platform with RCC, and another is creating the layer with brick and cement.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you know the in-depth answer to the question of why is my toilet on a raised platform. We have tried to include every ins and outs of this toilet setting context. However, there are a few more things you should know.

First, the user of the toilet on a raised platform must be careful while stepping on the floor. The sudden change in height may result in a fall down. Second, to maintain a more healthy environment inside the toilet, keep an opening for enhanced airflow in this portion.

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