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Different Types Of Water Heaters And How To Choose One?

There are several types of water heaters, so you must be struggling to choose one among them. But once you know the differences between the heaters, you can easily select one.

So, what are the different types of water heaters? Some common types of water heaters are

  1. Solar water heaters
  2. Condensing water heaters
  3. Tankless water heaters
  4. Tank water heaters
  5. Hybrid water heaters
  6. Storage water heaters
  7. Heat pump water heaters, etc.

You can choose between the one considering its fuel type, price, size, and energy.

However, this article will discuss all the different kinds of water heaters, how to choose among them, and what to know before purchasing them. So, please read to the end to find out about this.

What Are Different Types Of Water Heaters?

water heaters types

The different kinds of water heaters can be used for various purposes. You can use the water heater for cooking, bathing, storing, or simply steaming hot water to drink. So, the water heaters are specially made for particular purposes. You can check out the points below to learn about all types of water heaters-

1. Solar water heater

If you are looking for an energy-efficient water heater, a Solar water heater is one of them. The Solar water heater depends on the sunlight to heat the water. You need to keep a solar panel outside of your house. The Solar panel’s cell will capture the heat from the sunlight. Then the heat will be transferred to the tank. It is how the water gets heated.

This heating process also does not require electricity, saving you money. But as this heating process is highly dependent on the sun, you may have to struggle on rainy days. That’s why you can keep a backup heater during that period. These heaters are expensive in some countries, so you must buy them considering your budget.

2. Condensing water heater

A condensing water heater uses natural gas to heat water. The heater uses the extracted fumes from the gas. Once the heater store heat through the flue, they use that heat to make the hot water. As you won’t have to use electricity to use this heating system, your utility bills also get saved.

Apart from this, if you have a big family and need water to heat at once, this water heater is the way to go! These heaters are big in size and energy efficient. So you won’t have to worry about water running out.

3. Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters operate without a storage tank. So, when you turn on the hot water faucet, it will exchange heat with an electric element. The electric element makes the water instantly hot. So, it also saves you time. When you are in a hurry, you won’t have to wait an hour for the water to get hot.

Tankless water heaters

One of the biggest perks of this heater is that it only heats water when needed. So it won’t have to go through a water-heating process constantly. It makes the heater more energy-efficient than other ones. So you get fewer utility bills. 

But the tankless water heater is limited to heating water to a specific temperature. So, consider purchasing it only if it suits you.

4. Tank water heater

If you want a water heater that can store water, it can be a perfect choice. You can keep water here and take it from the heater whenever needed. It is designated to a specific temperature. So when water enters the tank, the heat is transferred to the water to a particular temperature.

Tank water heater

This water heater can hold around 80 gallons. So, you can use this one if you need a heater for a big family. They are quite affordable in the market. You can consider purchasing this if you think it is a good fit for you.

5. Point Of Use Water Heater

Point of use water heater is best for showers. Or if you need hot water in your kitchen sink, this is the best option. You can either install it in the kitchen or the bathroom. This heater cannot be used for the whole house as it is designed for only one plumbing fixture. It has a miny tank where you can store and use the water when needed.

This tank is affordable but not too energy-efficient. But if it suits you, you can go with this one.

Point Of Use Water Heater

6. Heat pump water heater

The heat pump water heater can be great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on utility bills. This heat pump heater transfers heat to the water from the air and ground. So it does not waste energy. Instead, it saves you much money compared to traditional electric heaters.

However, you must also consider the space since the heat pump will be placed on the water pump. Also, you need to depend entirely on the source to heat water. So, if you are in a cold environment, you should not choose this one.

Here is a youtube video describing the types of water heaters. Please have a look –

How To Choose A Water Heater?

There are better decisions than considering the best water heater and buying it. You must consider several things before choosing a water heater. Please look through the below points to learn how to select a water heater:


Before buying a water heater, you must first know its energy efficiency. Some water heater is less energy efficient than the other ones. You need to see which water heater provides good results without wasting energy. If any water heater is not energy-efficient, you must spend much on utility bills.


The size of a tank is also a critical factor in choosing a water heater. Buying a small tank won’t be a good idea if you have a large family. The tank should be filled with as much money as possible. Else, the heater will get bad. So, consider purchasing the tank based on your requirement and family size.

How To Choose A Water Heater

Annual cost

A less energy-efficient water heater can lead you to spend a lot of money annually while paying bills. That’s why you need to see which water heater has a lower annual cost and provides good performance.

Fuel type

The energy source also matters a lot in choosing the water heater. As there are several kinds, some water heater requires less annual cost and is more efficient. That’s why you consider purchasing a water heater by seeing the energy source.


You should know some common questions regarding different types of water heaters. So please check out below as I have answered it-

Q. Which Water Heater Is Safest Between Electric And Gas?

The electric water heater is known to be the safest one of all. An electric water heater does not use gas, so it reduces the risk and dangers of heating through flue gases.

Q. How Long Can A Water Heater Last?

Usually, a water heater lasts around 15 years. But tankless water heaters last longer than the standard water heaters. The tankless water heater lasts about 20 years. Some tankless water heaters can stay even more than this.

Q. What Size Water Heater Is Recommended For Five People?

60-80 gallon tank is perfectly suitable for five people. But as the tank keeps getting old, the demand for water heaters can change.


Each of the water heaters has its advantages. Water heaters differ, so you must choose the water tanks considering a few things. If you have a big family, you may need a big tank. But a big tank is unsuitable if you have a small family. Again, most water tanks are comparatively expensive.

You also need to consider your budget and see which one is energy-efficient. However, this article tells you about different types of water heaters and how to choose one. So, you can now easily select the heater according to your requirement.