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How to Install a New Toilet? A Complete Guide

Sometimes, replacing the old toilet is better when it gets clogged frequently or needs too many repairs. But if you take professional help installing a new toilet, it will cost a lot. To avoid this, knowing about the installation process is a handy skill.

So, how to install a new toilet? You need to remove the old toilet first. Then, replace the old wax ring, place the new toilet, and secure its position. Next, reattach the tank and water supply line on the commode. Also, check for leaks and fix those by tightening bolts or sealing the gaps.

Throughout this article, we will discuss the installation process of the new commode. Thus, to know more, please tag along.

How to Install a New Toilet?

install a new toilet

Though installing a new commode may seem tricky, you can do it easily with proper instructions and tools. Here is a step-by-step process of installing the new commode to make your task easier:

1. Collect All the Necessary Tools

You need to collect all these tools and materials before proceeding with the installation process:

  • A new toilet which matches the size of the previous one
  • Wax ring
  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Closet bolts
  • Washer
  • Nuts
  • Rags
  • Sponge
  • Gloves
  • Caulk gun
  • Tape measurement
  • Putty knife.

2. Remove the Old Commode

To remove the old commode, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Close the shut-off valve to stop the water supply to the commode.

Step 2: Flush the toilet so that water gets drained from the commode and tank. To remove the remaining water after flushing, use a sponge and soak up the water. While doing this, you must wear gloves on your hands.

Step 3: Use a wrench to remove the nut of the water supply line and detach it from the wall.

Step 4: Now, loosen the nuts that were securing the commode with the floor.

Step 5: Lift the commode from the floor and place it aside.

3. Replace the Old Wax Ring

Generally, in most cases, the old wax ring gets damaged while removing the old toilet. That’s why we always recommend replacing the old wax ring.

For this, you must scrap the old one from the flange using a putty knife. Then, take the new wax ring and place it on the flange. In this case, ensure that the ring’s alignment is at the flange’s center.

4. Placing the New Toilet

After setting the new wax ring, you must place the new commode on the flange. For this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Align the bolt holes on the bottom of the new commode with the closet bolts of the flange.

Step 2: Ensure that the flange bolts extend through the base of the new commode.

Step 3: Lower the toilet by pressing it down on the flange and rocking it slightly back and forth. It will seal the new commode with the wax ring and provide a watertight seal.

5. Set the Commode on Its Place

After placing a new commode on the flag, you must put a washer and nut on every flange bolt. Then, you must gently, evenly, and uniformly tighten all the nuts.

During this process, you must ensure the fit is even and not overtightened. Thus, the commode will remain in level uniformly and won’t crack.

Besides, you need to cut the extra bolts extending over the nut. In this case, keep ½” of the bolt above the nut and cut the excess using a hacksaw.

6. Connecting the Tank

This is applicable if your toilet is of a two-piece type.  In this case, you must attach the tank to the toilet bowl separately. Here are the steps in this regard:

Step 1:  Put a gasket on the bottom opening of the new tank.

Step 2: Insert bolts from the top of the tank through the hole so that they extend from the bottom.

Step 3: Place the tank over the toilet bowl so the bolts pass through the holes in the bowls.

Step 4: Now, use a wrench to screw the tank bolts.

7. Attaching the Water Supply Line

For this, you need to attach a supply line at the base of the tank. Then, attach another end of the line with the water supply valve of the wall.

If you don’t tighten the ends properly, it may cause water leaks. Thus, make sure you are tightening them properly using a wrench.

8. Turning On the Water Supply

After connecting the water supply line, you must turn on the shut-off valve. Then, the water will pass through the supply line and fill the tank.

Once the tank gets filled, flush the toilet. If you detect any water leakages from bolts or connections, you must tighten them properly.

9. Caulking The Toilet Base

If the water leaks from the toilet base, there might be a slight gap between the toilet base and the floor. This type of leak may cause various pathogens transmission or damage to the bathroom floor. In this case, you must caulk around the commode base’s front.

For this, move the caulk gun evenly and uniformly around the commode base. After sealing the gap, ensure to remove all the excess caulking products.

10. Place the Toilet Seat and Tank Cover

Position the toilet seat on the bowl so the belt bolts pass through the bowl’s seat hole. Then, you can tighten the nuts by hand.

Also, make sure you are putting the tank cover over the tank.

To understand the whole toilet installation process  better, check this YouTube video:


In this FAQs section, we will answer a few questions about installing a new toilet.

Q: How Much Will It Cost To Install A New Toilet?

Generally, a new toilet costs around $100-$1,000. Now, you can save the additional labor cost of approximately $100-$300 if you install it yourself.

Q: How Long Will It Take To Install A New Toilet?

If you want to install it yourself, it may take around 2 to 3 hours, depending on your skill. On the other hand, for a professional plumber, it may only take about 30 minutes to do it.

Q: Can I Use The New Toilet Shortly After Installing It?

No. You need to give the caulking product time to cure that you applied on the toilet base. Generally, you need to wait 24 hours for the sealant to dry and provide waterproof sealing.


The removal process of the toilet is easier than installing it. For your better convenience, we have already discussed how to install a new toilet. Typically, you may damage the wax ring while removing the commode from the flag. Thus, replacing the wax ring is necessary.

After installing the commode by following the steps we provided, you also need to check for leaks. For this, flush the toilet and check whether water is leaking from any connections. Tighten the bolts or caulk around the toilet base to address the leak issues.