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How to Flush a Toilet Without Water? 2 Simple Procedures!

Sometimes you may face a situation where the reserve flush is used, and there is no water. In that critical moment, you need to flush the toilet. But how to flush a toilet without water?

You can follow two processes of flushing. You need to pour at least one gallon of water into the bowl. It is a manual process that will surely save you from the situation. Another process you can follow. You need to pour water into the water tank up to the maximum level. Then flush the toilet in normal procedure.

After flushing, contact a plumber as soon as possible. If the problem is due to climate change, then store more water for emergencies. You can get the full procedure of flushing in this article.

Can You Flush A Toilet Without Water?

You can flush a toilet without water. Problems like struggling with flushing a toilet are common in our day-to-day life. It is not necessary that you only face the problem only in a natural disaster. It can be caused due to less availability of water.

Or it may also occur for not servicing the plumbing system for a long time. The water tank filling and discharge are dependent upon electricity. If the water tank is out of water, then you have to go with a manual procedure.

It can save you from the situation. But try to repair the problem as soon as possible. It is because the manual flush is not similar to the mechanical flush.

flush toilet without water

How To Flush A Toilet Without Water?

Without mechanical water flush, you can follow two processes of flushing. One is a manual process. Another one is similar to mechanical flush, but here the water supply comes from outside. Both of the two processes can flush properly.

Process 1: Manual Flush

To achieve the desired result, you have to follow the following actions.

Step 1: Find Out an External Source of Water

The first thing you have to do to flush is to find a good source of water. You can use water from your storage. Or you may carry water from your neighbor or a distant place. You can also use pond water. Only ensure that the source has a good amount of water.

Step 2: Collect a Sufficient Amount Of Water

Arrange a large size container. Collect at least one gallon of water. It is the minimum amount of water you have to pour to flush clearly. You may need more than this amount. Sometimes you need two or three buckets to remove the waste.

Step 3: Flush Water Into The Bowl

Now you need to flush properly. You have to pour one gallon between 30 seconds to 1 minute. The first half of the water flow should be first. Then pour the rest slowly.

Step 4: Check

Now check whether it is fully flushed or not. If the wastage remains in the bowl, then follow the procedure again. You can use a toilet brush to clean stubborn waste to remove from the toilet bowl.

Process 2: Add Water to The Tank and Flush

This is almost similar to the normal flushing process.

Step 1: Open The Lid

Unscrew the tank lid button anticlockwise. Then just pull the lid with a little force. Simply remove the lid from its top.

Step 2: Pour Water up to Maximum Level

Now pour water with the help of a bucket. Fill the tank with water up to maximum level.

Step 3: Fix the Lid

Set the lid on the tank. Now place back the lid button in position. Screw it clockwise.

Step 4: Push the Flush Button

Now flush the toilet by pressing the button or pulling the handle. You have to follow the whole procedure while you use the toilet next time.

In the second process, you need more water than in the first process. Also, it is time-consuming. So, it will be better to follow the first procedure to prevent the emission of airborne pathogens and waste products.


Lack of sufficient flushing water can hamper your daily lifestyle. The problem can arise both from a natural disaster or if you haven’t serviced the plumbing system for a long time. Even if you face this situation, you have two ways to get rid of this problem.

But if you are doing it frequently, then it will turn into a harder task. So, try to solve the plumbing issue quickly. The local plumbers will easily fix the problem. Also, store a lot of water beside your toilet bowl for quick use in such situations.