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Can an Elongated Toilet Replace a Round Toilet?

Most modern toilets are designed elongated. So, you may want to replace your old-school round type toilet with an elongated one.

But, can an elongated type toilet replace a round type toilet? Yes, elongated toilets can take the place of round ones. However, one requirement must be met, and that is the availability of space. In terms of dimension, elongated toilets are 2 inches larger than the round style toilets. So, when you’re ready to replace it, make sure there’s enough room.

Aside from that, we also have a short guide on replacing an elongated type toilet with a round seat toilet that you can follow.

Can An Elongated Type Toilet Replace A Round Seat Toilet?

Yes, that’s possible, but a requirement must be satisfied before replacing a round seat toilet with an elongated one. The main requirement is having enough free place inside the washroom.

Typically, round type toilets are quite compact than elongated ones. Consequently, you can install a round seat toilet even in a small space. However, horizontally and vertically, an elongated type toilet requires a little more room than a round seat toilet.

In that case, you can do the opposite without having to consider the available space. The reason is that when you switch from an elongated to a round seat toilet, you already have room. So all you have to do is swap out that part.


Why Should You Replace the Round Type Toilet With Elongated One? 

It’s an old-fashioned style of toilet, and it has some advantages that are lacking in round type toilets. You can easily restore additional benefits by replacing your round toilet with an elongated one. The reason is that elongated toilet is modernize.


Compared to round type toilets, elongated toilets are much more comfortable for all aged people, including the elderly, to sit on. Because the seat of an elongated type toilet is quite large, it is not suitable for children. However, purchasing an adjustable mini seat for your child will solve the problem.


In comparison to elongated toilets, cleaning a round seat toilet can be challenging. Because of the round’s compact size, cleaning in every corner is difficult. Elongated toilets are large enough to make cleaning easier.


The Elongated toilet features a dual flash system with a high standard flash of 1.28 gallons per flush. It has a strong toilet seat hinge and appropriate chair-height seating, which makes sitting down comfortable. On the other hand, these features are missing.

Measurement of Elongated Toilet And Round Toilet

Here is the basic size discussion of both rounded and elongated toilets below.

Round Toilet

There are numerous varieties of round type toilets in the market. But in this section, we’ll focus on the most typical part. Rounded toilets are slightly oval-shaped, but they mostly appear round.

It’s 16 inches from the rim to the seat bolts. And 14-½ or 15-½ would be the height.

Elongated Toilet

Elongated toilets are properly oval-shaped. It is mostly 2 inches larger than the round toilet in all dimensions. More specifically, it is 18 or 18-½ inches from rim to seat bolt and the height is more like 16-½ or 17-½ inches. However, this is not a fixed size; you can find it even bigger.

How to Replace an Elongated Toilet with a Round Seat Toilet?

After ensuring the proper measurement and enough room, you can start following the steps.

Step 1: Disconnect the drainage system or water supply to the toilet

At the initial stage, you must shut down the toilet’s water supply. After shutting it down, remove the excess water that is left in the bowl using your preferable tool.

Step 2: Removing the toilet (round toilet)

Disconnect the water supply pipe to the flash before taking out the toilet. There will now be one or two nuts holding the whole thing together, so unscrew those before removing the flash from bowl of the toilet.

  • Once it is unscrewed, hold and lift it up and place it somewhere else.
  • Now unscrew the nuts that attach the main toilet to the floor.
  • When it’s done, remove it and take it away.
  • Finally, remove the old nuts from the hole and you can also replace the wax if you want.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you remove the main toilet, the hole will be exposed. Hence, it is preferable to cover or plug the hole with something.

Step 3: Installing the new toilet (Elongated one)

First, place the toilet in the appropriate area.

Since it’s big, check where the bolts will go and mark that place (it is because sometimes it’s necessary to make a hole using a drill machine) for creating a hole if it’s needed.

Now, just place the toilet and screw them up.

Step 4: Install the secure tank

If the toilet is perfectly installed, the secure tank or flash tank should now be placed in that location.

  1. Once it is on the toilet, simply begin to attach all of the nuts that go with the toilet and secure the tank.
  2. Now you can attach all the necessary items like toilet seats, rings, and so on.

Note: The ring goes first and then the seat lid. Most people make mistakes here.

Step 5: Connect the water supply line

Finally, you have to connect the water line. You can use that old pipe if it’s not damaged yet. Once it has been done, turn on the water supply.

Check if the water is properly going through a pipe or not. To do so, you can run the flash a few times. If it goes well, it means you are successfully replacing your elongated toilet with a round-seat toilet.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the switch from elongated to round-type toilets. Hope this will give more insights.

1. Is it possible to use elongated toilet seats with a round-seat toilet?

That is, unfortunately, not feasible. Elongated toilets are larger in shape than round-type toilets, as we already mentioned. You won’t succeed in fitting them if you try.

2. Are these toilets’ installation costs comparable?

The installation cost for an elongated type toilet and a round-type toilet is nearly the same. Toilet installations cost on average between $200 and $400, but in some cases, they can reach $600.

3. Can I install my own toilet if I don’t have any experience?

Yes, that is also possible. Installation of toilets is not a big deal right now. If you don’t have prior knowledge, that’s fine. But you have to manage all the necessary tools.

Once you manage them, you have to follow the steps appropriately. You can easily install that.

Final Words

We think you now have the solution to your query, “Can an elongated type toilet replace a round type toilet”? If there is enough space, elongated toilets can easily replace round type toilets. To find out if your bathroom has enough space, measure the size of an elongated type of toilet.

If you believe there is sufficient space, proceed without hesitation. Follow our guide if you need better instructions. But make sure you have all the tools needed to replace or install a toilet before you begin.