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Pex Cinch vs Crimp: Which is Better?

Plumbing tools can often be a headache if not handled well. But with the right tools, it can be fun. Two hotly debated close combat tools are Pex Crimps and Pex Cinch.

These are the plumbing tools required to make a water connection, they can also be used to make an electrical connection. But they require proper expertise and accuracy to make the connection perfect. Ultimately, it depends on a lot of things that make it better, but if you ask me, Pex Cinch wins the prize because of its versatile nature.

Pex Cinch vs Crimp

Apart from this, there are a lot of things that are different between the two, such as price variants, processes to fit, and also purposes. So there are a lot of differences than just one, which we will learn down below. This brings the most obvious debate of which one is better: PEX Crimp vs Cinch.

Why Use Pex Cinch?

If you’re going to start plumbing work, you should know what a Pex cinch is. Pex Cinch, also known as a clamp, is an easy method used in confined spaces to secure a specific part. The idea is to lock a pipe by wrapping a steel strip around it.

Pex Cinch Image

The ring it uses is a stainless steel cinch ring that provides excellent durability, which means that it can last an easy 10-15 years without any issue. However, this can be quite an expensive process as the raw materials needed can be costly.

Nevertheless, it is a much faster and much easier way that requires only tightening the connection over the joint. That said, cinch requires an expert to make a connection because it’s a tricky process.

Advantages of Pex Cinch Clamp

They’re made from Stainless Steel rings which are less likely to rust away. It’s an easier fixing method and is more appealing to consumers as it’s a fast and long-lasting solution. It can be used on both copper and stainless steel rings.

It can reach places in a confined space where it is necessary. Not only does this strengthen the weaker place, but it can be used to make a concrete fix anywhere necessary. The Cinch Tool is size friendly, and you can use multiple pex sizes to make a connection. Its reusable fittings are another cherry on top of everything. You can bet this makes it a useful piece!

Disadvantages of a Pex Cinch Clamp

Pex Cinch Tools may also come off with disadvantages, too, unfortunately. They require extremely accurate calibrating to make the connection perfect. This also means they have to be done by someone who is well trained.

Moreover, it can be expensive depending on the type of connection and the materials required. Its stainless steel ring is slightly thinner than its copper counterpart. As a result, it may bend under extreme pressure, which may cause leakage.

Why Use a Crimp Tool?

Pex crimps are the first choice of all plumbers and professionals. They are easier to find and a traditional way to make a connection. These are made from Cooper; hence they’re much cheaper compared to its counterpart.

Pex Crimp

It uses copper rings in place of stainless steel rings. What makes it more appealing is it can be used by anyone; you don’t need the training to start.

However, the Pex copper crimp ring is available in different sizes, which requires different tools to make the connection air-tight.

Advantages of Pex Crimps

Crimping pex is inexpensive, with extremely reliable accuracy. It assures a watertight connection with its “go/no go gauge” that comes with the package. You can tell by that if the connection is loose or tight. Moreover, it can also add strength to the entire pipe.

It is the first choice of plumbers because of its faster-paced fixing. With its checking materials and easy-to-apply methods, it can be used by anyone from beginners to veterans. Stainless steel pex crimp rings are also available if you’re looking for them

Disadvantages Of Pex Crimps

Unfortunately, the Pex crimping method comes only in certain sizes, so you may require multiple tools, which may increase the cost overall. They’re copper made, which makes them less versatile and have more chances of rust.

Additionally, the connection may get weaker over time which may contract and burst, causing leakage. It is extremely difficult to use it in confined spaces, so this can also be a setback for a few.

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Pex Cinch Vs Crimp: Comparison Chart

Below Table shows head-to-head differences between Pex Crimps and Pex Cinch Clamp. It can be incredibly helpful if you are looking for a quick summary.

Pex CrimpsPex Cinch Clamp
The traditional way of fixing with reliable accuracyA new and easier way of fixing connection and leakage
Comes with copper crimp ringsComes with Stainless Steel rings
Requires multiple tools to make a connectionRequires only one tool to make a connection anywhere
Cheap and faster method anyone can pull offNeeds an expert and can be expensive
Copper rings may open to corrosionStainless steel rings reduce the chances of corrosion ensuring better longevity

What Are The Differences Between Pex Cinch And Crimp?

The main difference between a pex cinch and crimp tool is that a crimp tool slides over the joint, squeezing it entirely. Whereas a cinch connection does the same thing but can also be used in confined spaces where a crimp is difficult to use.

However, when the battle narrows down to these levels, it’s really tough to choose a side. Both tools have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both tools have their desirable flexibility and durability, which makes them unique.

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to fix it in a fast and secure way, you should go for Pex Crimp. They’re perfect for residential purposes as they don’t cost a lot of money.

If you’re looking for long-term usage with better durability regardless of cost, a Stainless Steel Cinch Clamps is the one you should go for. The Pex cinch clamp is known to be the best for commercial usage as Cinch clamps don’t need to be repaired much. Moreover, they’re quick and easy.

Surprisingly, Pex Cinch is also used for industrial purposes because of its accuracy and confinement-friendly fix.


Eventually, it comes down to one’s personal choice on which one they should choose. Both the tools have similar usage, which makes them friendly rivals. So it’s a lot harder actually to choose one over the other.

One should also consider the purpose, cost, usage, and other things before choosing one to fit. They are not something you wish to change frequently.

Nevertheless, Pex Crimps vs Pex Cinch Clamps are a hotly debated topic that many fail to reach a conclusion on because of its unique nature. So it’s hard to provide a conclusion based on that. But pretty safe to say this is all you should know about if you are going to fix or make a connection in your house.