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Kitchen Drain Pipe Leaking In Basement: Causes And How to Fix?

Leaking drain pipes in the kitchen make the whole environment nasty and unsuitable for use. So, it is crucial to fix any leaking drain pipe in the kitchen right away.

But what causes drain pipes in the kitchen to leak, and how can you fix that? Improper pipe installation, clogged drain, or loose compression nuts can cause pressure imbalance inside the drain pipe, hence cracks or leaks. You need to use epoxy, pipe repair kits, or clamps to seal such faults.

In this guide, we will go on the causes and fixes in detail. Let’s get started.

Kitchen Drain Pipe Leaking In Basement

What Causes Basement Drain Pipes to Leak?

If there is water leaking from a pipe in the basement, it is probably caused by one or more of these reasons. Check them out.

1. Improper Pipe Installation

When installing drain pipes in the basement, leaks or cracks can appear over time if pipes aren’t aligned properly or sized evenly. Due to improper installation, excess pressure can build up around the joints. As a result, the drain pipe may fail.

2. Clogged Drain Pipe or P-trap

In most cases, dirt or debris can be trapped inside the drain pipe or the P-trap. Once the pressure is excessive, it will cause the pipe or the trap to crack. As a result, there can be leaks in the drain pipe.

3. Loose or Worn Nuts

This error mostly occurs while installing the drain pipe. If you aren’t careful enough to tighten the compression nut properly, the drain pipe in the basement can leak after several uses.

4. Abrasive Drain Cleaners

If you have the habit of using chemical drain cleaners, they can seriously damage PVC pipes in the drainage system. These cleaners are highly abrasive and can wear the pipes quickly.

How to Find Leaky Kitchen Basement Drain Pipes?

To find a leaky pipe under the basement, you need to check the whole system in the following steps.

  • Fill the kitchen sink with water and let it pass through the drain pipe.
  • Take a dry cloth or tissue paper and dab around the joints for possible leaks.
  • Inspect the cabinet under the kitchen sink for water stains or damp odors. You might also see water puddles around the leaking joint.
  • Pour a large amount of water into the sink and let it drain. A higher volume of liquid will create more pressure on the system, and the leak may be visible clearly.
  • If nothing works, you might need to call a professional to check the system with the necessary devices to find out the leak.

Tools and Materials Required for Fixing Leaky Basement Drain Pipes

Before you jump into the process of sealing leaked drain pipes in the basement, take a look at the list of required tools for the job. Having them ready will make your job a lot easier and faster.

  • Epoxy
  • Pipe Repair Clamp
  • Pipe Repair Kits
  • Masking Tape
  • Pipe Wrench
  • Soft Cloth or Paper Napkin
  • 120-grit Sandpaper

How to Fix Kitchen Drain Pipe Leaking In Basement?

If you have a PVC drain pipe leaking at joint in the basement, you can fix it using any of the following methods. We have three ways here so that you can use the most suitable one. The methods are broken into simple steps so you can follow them easily.

Using Epoxy

When the leak or crack is thin, you can use epoxy to fix a leaking drain pipe in the basement. Here is how.

  • Clean the pipe and turn the water supply off. Let the pipe dry so that you can apply epoxy properly.
  • Apply epoxy in a thin and even layer to seal the crack or leak. If necessary, you can repeat this step to strengthen the seal.
  • Let the epoxy cure, and your drain pipes will be ready to use.

Using Repair Patches and Clamps

If the leak is large, you might need to use this method. Check it out.

  • For this method, you need to smoothen the broken edges of the drain pipe. Use 120-grit sandpaper for sanding the pipe lightly and even out any rough or pointy edges.
  • Apply the repair patch carefully and hold it in place with the help of repair clamps.
  • If the clamps are tightened enough, the leak should be fixed.

Using Repair Tapes

This method is suitable only if the water pressure is low inside the drain pipe or you want a temporary fix until the plumber comes in.

  • In this method, you need to have a pipe repair kit. Repair tapes are available inside the kit. You just need to peel the tapes and apply them to the leaks or cracks.
  • Before applying the tape, make sure the pipe is dry so that the tape sticks to the pipe properly.

Will Concrete Seal a Leaking Pipe?

You can use concrete to seal leaking drain pipes in the basement. But a special type of concrete is required for this. Regular concrete might cause more corrosion to the pipe and damage it in the future.

So, concrete with white cement can be a good fix for leaking drain pipes. But remember, this shouldn’t be a permanent solution. Sealing drain pipes with epoxy putty is the best way to fix leaking pipes.

If you want to seal a leaking pipe with concrete, using a butyl rubber-based sealant will work better.


Leaking drain pipes in the basement kitchen can be very annoying. And they can damage your belonging stored inside the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink. So, you should always inspect the area for any signs of leaking drain pipes. Once you find a leaking drain pipe, it should be fixed immediately to avoid further damage.

We showed some easy and effective methods to seal a leaking drain pipe. You can use any of these methods to get rid of this problem. If you have the necessary tools and know the right ways to fix a leaking drain pipe, the work shouldn’t take much time.