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How to Straighten Pex Pipes? Easy Ways

Pex piping is a type of polyethylene pipe used in plumbing. It is budget-friendly, adaptable, long-lasting, and simple to put in place. You can `get it either in coils or in straight units. However, it frequently bends or twists while being installed.

So, how to straighten the Pex pipe? Although these coils tend to cling tenaciously to their shape, we have plenty of options to apply. We can get back their proper shape by exposing them to the sun for some time, using heat, exerting manual pressure, or using a pipe straightener.

All of these techniques will be covered in this article. So that you can quickly straighten the Pex pipe if necessary.

What Is Pex Pipe?

How to Straighten Pex Pipes

Before knowing how to straighten Pex pipe, it is essential to understand what Pex pipe is.

Cross-linked polyethylene is the generic term for PEX because these pipes are much more affordable than copper pipes. They provide a fantastic replacement for copper pipes in plumbing operations.

Additionally, they are easy to install and also don’t need soldering. Most notably, Pex pipe outperforms copper in corrosion resistance.

Expansive coils of PEX piping are standard. Concerningly, Pex has a powerful “memory” and will attempt to return to its original form. You will need to straighten up your Pex pipe if you do not want the pipes in your plumbing to be bent.

The following sections will describe the pex pipes sizes and how to bend these pipes using the previously mentioned techniques, and how to straighten coiled plastic pipes as well.

What Possible Sizes Of PEX Pipe Come In?

PEX pipes come in various sizes ranging from 1/4-inch to 32-inch diameter. The most common lengths used in the real estate market are 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch.

In the mining industry, diameters ranging from 4 ” to 32″ are utilized for abrasive fluid transport, corrosive fluid transport, and water transfer as well.

So whenever you use these different-sized Pex pipes in different kinds of work, there is a possibility that they will become bent. So, it’s necessary to straighten them for future use.

How to Straighten Pex Pipe?

You can transform a coiled piece of Pex into a straight pipe using one of the following techniques for straightening coiled Pex pipes.

Make use of the sun

Not all categories of Pex pipe are UV resistant. And this technique is only applicable if your Pex pipe can tolerate some times of direct sunlight.

  • After checking the pipe’s sunlight eligibility, put it in a sunny location.
  • Allow the pipe to warm up for a couple of hours.
  • Once the pipe has warmed up, you will be capable of quickly dragging it in a straight line.

Applying heat to the pipe’s surface

Applying heat to the pipe’s surface makes it possible to straighten it.

Warmth can assist the pipe in forming its shape! There are numerous secure approaches to take. For instance;

  • Hot Water

Join the pipe’s other end to an available water supply. Lay the pipe out as flatly as you can while running hot tap water throughout this pipe. On the other hand, running cold water throughout the flattened pipe will ensure it maintains its actual shape.

  • Pipe soaking

Soak the pipe for about an hour or two in a hot water bucket; this is a powerful at-home solution. After a couple of hours, remove the pipes from the water. Afterwards, you can form them as you want.

Manually straighten the bend

This procedure gives you a workout in addition to straightening your pipes. It might be beneficial to fasten the pipe’s one end to a stationary object.

The pipe should be stretched as it is raised. Attach the pipe’s opposite end to a different object. Give the pipe a couple of hours to back its new shape.

What Is The Best Way To Straighten Coiled Plastic Pipes?

If you want to perform this effectively, you’ll need a connection at the end. That’s the connector to which you can link a hot water tap. The pipe should then be laid as straight as possible.

Now, start running hot water into the pipe. At this point, the Pex pipe needs to be promptly straightened out. Next, run cold water through it to retain it flat and straight.

Final Words

Pex pipe can easily manipulate into curved shapes due to its flexibility. It’s not difficult to straighten the Pex pipe if you use some basic procedures.

You can confirm that your Pex pipe will be perfectly aligned and ready for installation by employing any of the techniques described above. If one technique does not work properly, another one will work for sure!

Best of luck!

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