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Funny Pipe Vs Poly Pipe: All That You Need To Know

One of the essential elements of comfortable housing is a proper functional water supply. Many lavish rental homes are dropped by interested customers due to not having a sound irrigation system. And the key to such an irrigation system is to have proper piping.

So, between Funny pipe vs Poly pipe, which one to choose? The main difference is that the funny pipe excels in flexibility and the poly (HDPE) pipe excels for its outstanding durability while maintaining decent pliability.

However, which pipe suits your irrigation system? Find out in the article down below!

Overall Comparison Between Funny Pipe Vs Poly Pipe

funny pipe vs poly pipe

Before we jump to details, here is a table to see which one to take the lead for the following factors!

FlexibilityFunny Pipe
StorageFunny Pipe
UTSPoly Pipe
Size RangePoly Pipe

Funny Pipe Vs Poly Pipe

We have previously discussed briefly the main perks of a funny pipe or a pole pipe. In this section, we are going to go much more in detail.

For any beginner, it is indeed hard to differentiate between a funny and a poly pipe as they look quite similar. So let’s get started with the differences.


The funny pipe is made up of high-quality polyethylene. On the other hand, the poly pipe is also made up of polyethylene, but just of a different breed. Poly pipe is constructed with High-Density Poly Ethylene, hence is also known as HDPE pipe in some areas.

Even though they are both made up of polyethylene, they are still different. Just because they are constructed with slightly different polyethylene, that makes either of these pipes’ perks and quirks completely different from each other. Here the funny pipe certainly wins the race.


The flexibility of the funny pipe is unmatched. However, through complicated and tight structures, setting up a proper running water supply is quite tough.

Here’s a video that might help with the installation process;

On the other hand, a poly pipe does have very commendable flexibility depending on how strong, rigid, and solid it is. But it will always be weak in comparison to a funny pipe.

Size Ranges

There are limitations to the size and shape of both a funny pipe and a poly pipe, all of which will be discussed down below.

Funny Pipe

Due to how flexible the funny pipe is, it also helps in terms of storage. If you need 20 or 30 meters of a funny pipe coil, you do not need to order them, unlike other pipe coils. Instead, it is possible that the plumber supplier you visited already has them in the basement.

Nevertheless, the funny pipe has a maximum length limitation of 30 meters and also has a very limited diameter to work with. The maximum diameter of a funny pipe found on the market ranges from 0.6 to 0.7 inches.

Poly Pipe

The poly pipe has no maximum length limitations. Neither does it have any problem maintaining a much larger diameter than a funny pipe.

Although if you are looking to use poly pipe for a big project, an order must be placed a few days or weeks prior. Poly pipes are not readily available at large dimensions due to their lack of pliability.


Funny pipe, due to its property of being shock absorbent, can be very resilient even in harsh conditions. They are strong, reliable, and have great impact resistance.

However, they still do not come anywhere close to the strength of poly pipes. The strength of a material is usually determined by its UTS (Ultimate Tensile Strength) or by its Young Modulus.

Accordingly, the UTS of poly pipes is close to 33MPa, while funny pipe has a UTS of under 10MPa. That makes poly pipe the go-to choice in extreme conditions such as underground irrigation systems.

The Perks Of Funny Pipe (Swing Pipe)

As already discussed, the funny pipe, also known as a swing pipe, is constructed with high-grade polyethylene. This makes it very flexible while not compromising durability.

The pipe itself is hollow inside with no uneven bump on the surface, which enables smooth water flow throughout the pipe. The exterior walls of the pipe however are rigid and solid, which makes funny pipes so sustainable.

The main perk of funny pipe is its flexibility. The funny pipe can reach between unorthodox and complex spaces, which any other sort of pipe is not capable of reaching.

Irrigation systems like one in a fire sprinkler unit require plumbing through very complicated structures. The water supply must reach the ceiling effortlessly and consistently from underground. And here, a funny pipe can only ensure that.

The Perks Of Poly (HDPE) Pipe

As we have already seen, the poly pipe is made out of High-Density Poly Ethylene. Poly pipe hence has a much more durable build compared to its close cousin.

Poly pipe, also known as HDPE pipe, is famously known for its longevity, impressive strength-to-density ratio, and extreme resistance to impacts.

The outer shell of the poly pipe is extremely strong and rigid, which also makes it stiff. Poly pipe’s main perk is its strength and durability combined with respectable flexibility. And that makes poly pipe the go-to pipe for underground irrigation systems.


In this section, we will discuss the most frequently asked questions about this topic.

Q: Does Any Of The Pipes Have an Anti-Freeze Feature?

Yes, both pipes are made up of polyethylene which has a very wide temperature range within which it can function properly. Both pipes can function well between minus 220℉ to 180℉.

Q: Are The Pipes Repairable?

Funny pipes are not repairable. Glue does work sometimes if there is any scratch or damage at the outermost part. Contrarily, the poly pipe is very much repairable and only needs one phone call to a professional plumber to get it fixed.

Q: What Pipes Should I Use For Drinking Water?

We would recommend poly pipe for that matter. As weaker plastic pipes, such as Funny pipes may leak chemicals into your drinking water in the far future when the pipes start getting weary.


That was all you needed to know for the everlasting debate of funny pipe vs poly pipe. We have talked about their quirks, their main selling point, and their weaknesses. We recommend using the poly pipe for the underground irrigation systems and any water supply pipes that run through the walls.

The usage of a funny pipe shines when connecting water accessories with the main supply line. As there would not be any odd bump on the wall, rather a seamless pipe would connect your accessory from behind the walls.